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Jill Clark: From Sapphire to Live Sound Savant

Posted by Max Kuchenreuther on Mar 30, 2018 1:15:00 PM
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Jill Clark's live mixes are nothing to joke about. As our Director of Live Sound, Jill has mastered the art of turning your rehearsals into next level concerts. From humble beginnings, to becoming the 2008 SoJam Champions, and having several VP awards under her belt -- Jill Clark has blessed our ears with her vocal percussion prowess and her command of the stage. Whether you're bumpin' one of her mixes between your earbuds or jumping out of your seat at one of our concerts, it's safe to say there isn't anything Jill can't do.

How did you get involved with a cappella production?
I was in the Sapphires from 2006 to 2010. I emailed Nick and Mark around the same time I was leaving the group, which happened to be around the same time they were starting TVC. I was literally in the right place at the right time. Oh, and I did it for like the first 5 years for free.
How would you describe your preferred production style?
Super clean. I'm a little OCD, so my sessions are always very meticulous. That goes for every aspect of the process. At the moment, I'm super into ballads and making people cry.
What are your musical goals for 2018?
I'd love to spend some time on personal projects. I've been in Deviate for a few years now and we've only ever released one music video. We have an album that's half recorded and just waiting for me to have some free time to work on it. I'd also love for everyone to know that David Longo isn't the only brilliant live sound guy at TVC.
What kinds of a cappella projects would you love to get involved with this year?
More professional stuff! Or at least, more collaborative student groups. I've been blessed to work with a few great groups recently like Nothing but Treble or the UMD Generics who are producing great work, and are doing it by really collaborating with their producers. We've all been doing this a long time and it's really hard when you're mixing a project and the group hates all of the choices you made in the first mix. Please trust us more!!
Tell us your favorite memory of working with a group or on a mix from the past year.
I got to edit most of Lark's album. Editing isn't really the most fun part of the job, but without a super clean edit, the mixing engineer has a much tougher time making everything sound good. A good editor is sort of the unsung hero of an album.
I didn't really answer your question, did I? Working with a group--PandemoniUM. I freaking love PandemoniUM. I've been the recording and editing engineer on their last two albums (with Nick mixing) and I've gotten super close with a few of the members (shout out to Dom and Taylor) and I'm really sad to finally see them graduate! I have so much fun with the whole group in session--we've got a great rapport and have gotten really good at getting work done and having fun at the same time.
I will never forget the day I met Cam from Encore. He's the soloist on their CARA-nominated track "Youth". He asked me if I'd ever worked with OneVoice. I said yes and he sort of fan-girl-ed a little bit. Saying how much he loved them, how he looked up to them, how cool it was to work with someone who had worked with them before, etc. Well, now he's nominated right alongside of OneVoice for Best High School Song. I hope he's so proud of himself and the rest of his group--what a great accomplishment! I know I'm proud to have been able to help him get there.
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