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#FamFeature: Treble on Huntington

Posted by AJ Marino on Mar 12, 2018 3:45:51 PM

Northeastern University - where the winters are so cold you walk to class in tunnels, and the water is filled with minerals that makes everyone *really* good at a cappella. It's also the home to one of our favorite all-female groups of all time - Treble on Huntington

Treble on Huntington was founded 10 years ago, as a sisterhood for talented females within the Northeastern community. As one of their oldest members, Kellyanne, puts it, "While I don't know the exact reason our founding members came together, I know that my personal experience was looking for a way to bond with a group of new people and find a family." Kellyanne notes that their "level of comfortability with each other, and excitement to spend time and do cool, memorable things together, keeps us passionate, on-task and eager to be better." 

And they do some pretty cool things. Treble has been a member of the #TVCFam since their first EP, Ultraviolet, which was started back in 2014, when our current Swingle Jon Smith was just starting to learn production. Jon saw something special in the women of Treble those many semesters ago, and knew they had the ability to make something really great.

Northeastern is a one-of-a-kind a cappella environment, and that's not lost on the groups there. Some of the best a cappella groups in the nation are concentrated within a 5 mile radius of campus, if not in the practice room next door.  Kellyanne notes that, "while being the underdog is daunting in that environment, it's also inspirational and educational. We have direct exposure into what the best are up to, the styles of arrangements that perform the best, and who the best are working with. When Treble was looking to cross off our own major milestone of our first studio album, there was little to debate [on who to work with.]" 

Since then, we've been lucky to have many members of our TVC team travel to Boston to coach and track with these talented gals. The love and magic we've felt in those sessions has been mutual. As one member puts it, "My favorite moments [of making an album] have always been during tracking.  [Our producers] push singers to their full potential. I have been able to do things I never thought possible during our tracking sessions." 

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 8.13.10 PM.png

All of this amazing work has resulted in an EP, 4 singles, placements on BOCA, Voices Only, WACA, and NOW they are up for Best Female Collegiate Album at the 2018 CARAs for their full-length album, Zenith. 

After so many smaller recording projects, this full-length album felt really special. "The day before our album was released, we had all of Treble on Huntington and close friends in the a cappella community come together to preview it. It was the first time most of our members, including myself, heard the album through-and-through. There is nothing like that thrilling feeling of pride and sheer joy when you hear your group's performance recorded and mixed for the first time rather than live. We all were dancing around, singing our parts at the top of our lungs and reveling in the pride and love we have for our group." 

So what's next for Treble? Well, they're still in the studio - you can hear their latest single, Stay, out on Spotify now. They recently placed third at ICCA Quarterfinals for the first time EVER (yas queens!), they are working on some cool new rep for their April concert, and you may catch them on the field at Fenway this Spring singing the National Anthem. 

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