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Meet Your SoJam XV Competitors!

Posted by Max Kuchenreuther on Oct 26, 2017 11:00:00 AM
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On the eve of SoJam XV, we're taking a closer look at each of our six awesome competitors this year! Representing Florida and New York, our six groups will be vying for the glory of being the SoJam XV Champion, one of the most heavily sought-after titles in contemporary a cappella. We've got the details on all your favorite groups after the jump.


No Southern Accent - University of Florida

The University of Florida's No Southern Accent is our first SoJam Competitor! We're loving the creepy vibe NSA is delivering here with their opener from their ICCA 2017 set and we hope to see some of that flair on stage during Round 1, which is a costume party themed round! The singing twins here are a nice touch, throwing back to the iconic Mad Hatter twins that 2015 SoJam Champions, the University of Colorado-Denver's Lark, graced us with.

KeyHarmony - University of Central Florida

The only female-identified group of this year's competition, KeyHarmony is looking #SoJamReady to dominate the competition. Returning to the SoJam stage for the first time since their appearance in 2015, KeyHarmony is looking to take home the glory this year. That ending number from their ICCA 2017 set, step routine and all, just gets us overjoyed with what they're gonna bring to the stage! A cappella step teams...let's get that trending in 2018.

Eight Beat Measure - Rochester Institute of Technology

The boys are back in town, and ready to take the SoJam stage! 8 Beat is no stranger to putting on a killer show, and we can't wait to see what they deliver tomorrow night. 8 Beat is the only competitor not from Florida this year, so they've got a lot riding on their shoulders to show these Florida groups who's boss! Chance the Rapper tunes are always a good time, and when 8 Beat's singing it, it's no exception! How can you not be excited for tomorrow? Check out their latest single, Forgiven, now available on Spotify!

Reverb - Florida State University

Speaking of Chance, Reverb's also got a sweet Chance tune for your ears to bask in. Reverb's a cappella legacy is one to admired - from placing 4th at ICCA Finals in 2013 to placing second at SoJam 2013 that same year against former Champions, MIX - Reverb is back again to grab the crown! Full of swag and soul, we're hoping that Reverb will steal our hearts away once again at this year's Scholastic Competition.

Gestalt - University of Florida

Just a year old, Gestalt is the University of Florida's newest, award-winning a cappella group. Gestalt was created with a mission: to create music as a whole that is even greater than the sum of its parts. Snagging a 1st and 3rd place finish at ICCA South Quarterfinals and Semifinals respectively last year, Gestalt is a mystery. What will they do next? You've gotta come to the competition tomorrow to find out.

Mixed Mode - University of Central Florida

Probably one of the only groups you haven't yet heard about, Mixed Mode stole the show against many other groups to get to this year's Scholastic Competition. Formed about two years ago, Mixed Mode is the second-youngest group at this year's competition, but their music speaks volumes louder than their length of existence. Last year, they took home 3rd at their regional ICCA quarterfinal and recorded their debut EP, Mixology, releasing later this year. Like Gestalt, Mixed Mode's legacy is only beginning. We're pumped to see what they deliver on stage tomorrow night.

Which group are you most excited to see perform at SoJam XV tomorrow? Make sure to follow SoJam on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We'll see you tomorrow night at the Scholastic Competition! To buy tickets for the show, follow this link.

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