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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Music Video

Posted by AJ Marino on Mar 7, 2016 11:25:44 AM

 Ever since the introduction of YouTube to the digital world, the music industry has never been the same. These days, content is king, and the best kind of content to share with your audiences is video. How many days have gone by in the past week where you haven’t watched a funny cat video, seen a 30 second clip of a chicken parm recipe, or watched a music video of one of your favorite artists? Chances are if you are online, you are consuming thousands of minutes a video a year – yet a cappella groups rarely take up the opportunity to do a professional music video and share it with their audiences. We think that should be different, and we have four reasons why.

Video Captures Attention


 If you are running a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for your group (and if you’re not, you should be!), then you probably constantly think about what new thing to post. If growing your online presence or getting noticed by a bigger audience than your friends and family is a focus, video is the best way to go about it. On social media, video is proven to be the strongest type of content – it leads to the most engagement, the largest number of views, and spreads faster than any other type of content. If you are already posting recorded singles or EPs, video is the next logical step. When was the last time you listened to a shared iTunes or SoundCloud link in full? Now compare that to how many times you watched a video...which do you think would be more successful with your audience?

You'll stand out among other local groups

As we mentioned before, not many groups are putting the time and care necessary to produce a professional music video – and that’s why you should beat them to it! A really solid sounding and looking video will make you stand out among your peers and give you a sense of professionalism. For scholastic groups, positive attention from a video can encourage more funding from your school, bring in more paid gigs, or improve on campus awareness and turnout at auditions. For groups outside of the scholastic scene, this video can give you an edge over other local acts, and be a polished addition to your portfolio of work to bring in bigger, higher paying performance opportunities! The more professional you look, the more high profile gigs you will earn.

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Artistic Expression

Your arrangement may be stunning and your soloist a superstar, but without the right production the beauty of your music could be getting lost in low audio quality, bad acoustics, or a shaky video. Not only will a video of this caliber do your music justice, but it will also give you another form of artistic expression. You can change the lighting and venue to suit the mood of the piece, shoot in multiple locations, focus the camera angle on the soloist or backgrounds at certain emotional moments; a well produced video video adds an extra layer of creativity to your performance that can make your group’s work stand out and shine.

You could sing with JoJo

make a music video jojo.png

Well maybe not every time, but this is true story, and one of many! Forte A Cappella, a group from Centerville High School, tweeted their video of “Save My Soul” at the original artist, pop singer JoJo. She spotted it, loved it, and invited the group to perform with her live at a concert in DC. This is not a one hit wonder story: groups who’ve done amazing videos have been featured in major magazines and online news journals like Teen Vogue and Huffington Post and received many celebrity spotlights. As we noted, video is the easiest thing to spread and sometimes that spread can touch people you never expected!

Video is likely the secret to many of the goals your group is looking to achieve. All you need is a song, a message, an idea, anything you think deserves a quality video, and once you have the right videographer on board (Hint, hint, click below to meet a pretty awesome one) you’ll be on your way. So what are you waiting for?


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