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Aca-Wrap Up: ICCA and ICHSA Week #7

Posted by Max Kuchenreuther on Mar 8, 2017 6:00:00 PM
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We're back for another Varsity Vocals ICCA/ICHSA Aca-Wrap Up! Semifinals are underway and regional champions are being named!

Here's your wrap up for the March 3rd and 4th ICCA and ICHSA Quarterfinals & Semifinals.



Fundamentally Sound at the 2017 ICCA Great Lakes Semifinal. Photo credit: Sarah Maskill

Central - Quarterfinal #5

Our last Quarterfinal of the Central Region took place at the University of Pittsburgh in the Soldiers and Sailors Hall! Taking home the gold and advancing to the semifinal round, the Carnegie Mellon University Treblemakers earned 352 points. Additionally, Sage Yort of the Treblemakers brought home an award for best choreography of the night for the whole set! Joining the Treblemakers at semifinals, the University of Pittsburgh Pitches & Tones won second place for the night, earning 306 points! Congratulations to both groups advancing to the next round! The judges couldn't let a few more standout performances slip on by, however. Third place finishers, The Songburghs, earned 286 points and two Outstanding Awards for Charlotte Fallick's arrangement and Samantha Pineda's solo for "Russian Roulette." Way to go! Lastly, the judges awarded CMU Counterpoint for their incredible vocal percussion, going home to Kristen Smith for the entire set. 

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Central Semifinal at the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts in Buffalo, NY on March 25th!

Central Semifinal Bracket

The Coda Conduct | Penn State University
Vocal Point | University of Rochester
Carmony | The Ohio State University at Lima
The Buffalo Chips | University at Buffalo
IC Voicestream | Ithaca College
Pittch Please | University of Pittsburgh
The Potsdam Pitches | SUNY Potsdam
The Water Boys | University of Waterloo
Treblemakers | Carnegie Mellon University
Pitches & Tones | University of Pittsburgh

Great Lakes - Semifinal

The first Semifinal of the ICCA season saw the ten best groups in the Great Lakes region going head-to-head for a spot at Finals, and a chance to advance to the Open in September! And naturally, as the semifinal round pits the top ten groups in that region against one another, the standings were incredibly close, with the top three groups all finishing within TEN points of each other! In third place, the University of Wisconsin's all-male group, Fundamentally Sound, finished with 391 points and a spot in the ICCA Wildcard Round! Zach Zimmermann of Fundamentally Sound was awarded for his vocal percussion for the entire set. At a very close second place, the University of Michigan's Amazin’ Blue earned 393 points and a chance at advancing to Finals through the Wildcard Round. Mason Van Gieson's choreography was commended for the entire set as well, sealing in their second-place victory! In first place with 401 points, 2015 ICCA Finalists Voices in Your Head will be returning to the Beacon Theatre for the 2017 ICCA Finals! Their Great Lakes championship set also received an award for Will Cabaniss' arrangements for the entire set. Additionally, the judges chose to award Shreya Ramanujan of 7 Days A Cappella for her outstanding delivery of Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha's "In The Name of Love."

Congratulations to Voices in Your Head for advancing to The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals on April 22nd at The Beacon Theatre in New York City!

ICCA Wildcard Bracket (so far)

Amazin’ Blue | University of Michigan
Fundamentally Sound | University of Wisconsin

The winner of the ICCA Wildcard Round will advance to The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals on April 22nd at The Beacon Theatre in New York City.

ICCA Finals Bracket (so far)

Voices in Your Head | University of Chicago (Great Lakes Champion)

The winner of ICCA Finals will advance to the International Championship of A Cappella Open on September 23rd, 2017 at Carnegie Hall in New York City! Stay tuned for the rest of the competitors!




Enharmonic Fusion at the 2017 ICHSA Midwest Semifinal. Photo credit: Sarah Maskill

Southwest - Quarterfinal #3

With only five competing groups at the last Southwest quarterfinal, FOUR will be advancing to the semifinal round on March 25th! Rockwall High School's Walk the Line will be moving on to the next round, winning the competition for the night and earning 390 points! Carmen Witwer of Walk the Line was also commended for her beautiful solo for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Flower Mound High School's C'est la Vie also did exceptionally well that night, earning second place and 379 points! Rudder High School's Vox Cor will also be heading to semifinals after finishing in third place and earning 307 points. Orlando Guitron of Vox Cor also took home an outstanding award for the best VP of the night! Lastly, Big Spring High School's Rhapsody will also be advancing to the semifinal round, coming in fourth place.

Here are your competitors for the ICHSA Southwest Semifinal at Marcus High School in Flower Mound, TX on March 25th!

Southwest Semifinal Bracket 

Madison Avenue | Madison High School (San Antonio, TX)
Apex | Deer Park High School (Deer Park, TX)
A-side | A&M Consolidated High School (College Station, TX)
Out of the Blue | Air Academy High School (USAF Academy, CO)
T-Bird Singers | Hinkley High School (Aurora, CO)
Red Valley Harmony | Montrose High School (Montrose, CO)
In Tone Nation | Gila Ridge High School (Yuma, AZ)
Walk the Line | Rockwall High School (Rockwall, TX)
C’est la Vie | Flower Mound High School (Flower Mound, TX)
Vox Cor | Rudder High School (Bryan , TX)
Rhapsody | Big Spring High School (Big Spring, TX)

Midwest - Semifinal

The second Semifinal of the ICHSA season took place in the highly competitive Midwest region! With Finals in sight, the Top 8 groups duked it out and left it all on the stage. Coming in third place, Niles West High School's Echo Effect will be advancing to the Wildcard Round, earning 342 points, and taking home an award for Isaiah Lopez's vocal percussion, as well as Anthony Saldana and Adrian Micor's choreography, both for the entire set! In second place with 395 points, Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School's Vocal Point will also have a shot at Wildcard, hoping for a chance to make it to ICHSA Finals in April! 2016 ICHSA Wildcard Champions, Enharmonic Fusion, will be returning to the Finals stage in April, earning a massive 449 points for their entire set! Grace Klonoski of Enharmonic Fusion was praised for her solo for "The Light That Never Fails." Back-to-back ICHSA Finalists, way to go guys! Lastly, the judges gave out some special awards to a few stellar groups who didn't place - Niles West High School's High Fidelity also took home a few awards for the evening, including one for Nicole Cho's arrangement of "Half The Man," as well as Raciel Millan's choreography for the entire set! Additionally, Jacob Henry of Delta V was awarded for his arrangement of "Human."

Congratulations to Enharmonic Fusion for advancing to The International Championship of High School A Cappella Finals on April 21st at The Town Hall in New York City!

ICHSA Wildcard Bracket (so far)

Soul’d Out | Wilsonville High School (Wilsonville, OR)
Some Cool Guys | Oregon Children’s Choir (Eugene, OR)
Vocal Point | Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School (Galesville, WI)
Echo Effect | Niles West High School (Skokie, IL)

The winner of the ICHSA Wildcard Round will advance to The International Championship of High School A Cappella Finals on April 21st at The Town Hall in New York City.

ICHSA Finals Bracket (so far)

Synergy | Oregon Children’s Choir (Eugene, OR) (Northwest Champion)
Enharmonic Fusion | DeKalb High School (DeKalb, IL) (Midwest Champion)

The winner of ICHSA Finals will advance to the International Championship of A Cappella Open on September 23rd, 2017 at Carnegie Hall in New York City! Stay tuned for the rest of the competitors!

We would like to thank Sarah Maskill for graciously providing photos of this weekend's festivities for our blog. If you or someone you know takes pictures at an upcoming Varsity Vocals event and you would like to share them, please email

The competition is fierce! Stay tuned for next week's 2017 ICCA and ICHSA Aca-Wrap Up.

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