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Aca-Wrap Up: ICCA and ICHSA Week #6

Posted by Max Kuchenreuther on Mar 1, 2017 8:08:38 PM
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After another great weekend of competition across the country, we're back for this week's Aca-Wrap Up! Today we'll be looking at some of the last few quarterfinals of the season as most of the regions prepare for semifinals!

Here's your wrap up for the February 24th - 25th ICCA and ICHSA Quarterfinals.


Midwest - Quarterfinal #4

The fourth quarterfinal of the Midwest region at Missouri State University was full of talented groups all vying for a spot at semifinals! In fact many of the competitors received some form of recognition that night, starting with the champions, the MSU Beartones. Coming in at 343 points, the Beartones also took home outstanding choreography for Luke Thomas' work on "All Time Low." Close behind them, and joining them at semis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Boots & Cats earned second place and 340 points. They were followed by University of Kansas' Genuine Imitation, rounding out the standings with 278 points. The judges chose to award three more special awards to a few standout groups that did not place however - Crimson and Blues' Brittany Gonzales was awarded for her solo for "Do You Remember." Andrew Koubele of Hastings College's 1-2-5 earned best VP for the entire set, and Ashley Fruhling of Pitch, Please won best arrangement, also for the entire set.

Midwest - Quarterfinal #5

The last two groups heading to the Midwest semifinal took stage at Centerville High School in Ohio. Defending champions and 2016 ICCA Finalists Mosaic Whispers took home first place with 355 points, and a shot at defending their Midwest Regional title at semis! Close behind the Whispers at 346 points, was Ohio State of Mind, who will be joining them at semifinals, with an award for Morgan Tudor's solo on "River." University of Dayton's Remedy came a mere TEN points behind the second place group, though they will be taking home an award for Sam Gyenes' VP for the whole set. Lastly, the UC Vocaholics cleaned up the remaining awards, leaving with the pride of having Rachel Brown's best arrangements of the night, for the whole set, and outstanding choreo for the entire set as well.

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Midwest Semifinal at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN on March 25th!

Midwest Semifinal Bracket

the Amateurs | Washington University in St. Louis
True Men | Truman State University
Bare Naked Statues | Saint Louis University
Sedoctave | Ball State University
Ladies’ Choice A Cappella | Ball State University
The Naturelles | University of Missouri
The Stereotypes | Washington University in St. Louis
The Beartones | Missouri State University
Boots & Cats | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mosaic Whispers | Washington University in St. Louis
Ohio State of Mind | The Ohio State University

Northeast - Quarterfinal #5

Northeast semifinal competitors beware: The University of Connecticut's A Minor are coming out swinging! A Minor dominated the recent quarterfinal at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, taking first place with 358 points and awards for solo, arrangement, and choreography! The judges were very impressed with Jerry Merkel's arrangement for "Chains," as well as Rachel Conte's impressive solo to go along with it. Elaina Giordano also scored the choreo award for A Minor's whole set. Nice job guys! Central Connecticut State University's Divisi will be joining them at semis, scoring 323 points for their second-place set. SUNY Purchase's Choral Pleasure took home third place that night, scoring 293 points, and taking home an additional award for Adrianna Noone's solo for "Brother." SUNY New Platz's Sexy Pitches also received an award for Samantha Warner's VP for the entire set!

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Northeast Semifinal at Boston Symphony Hall on March 26th in Boston, MA!


Northeast Semifinal Bracket

The Nor’easters | Northeastern University
The Harvard LowKeys | Harvard University
Distilled Harmony | Northeastern University
The Notables | University of New Hampshire
Upper Structure | Berklee College of Music
The Downbeats | Northeastern University
NYU N’Harmonics | New York University
The Hot Notes | Fordham University
A Minor | University of Connecticut
Divisi | Central Connecticut State University

South - Quarterfinal #5

Wrapping up the last quarterfinal in Gainesville, FL, new kids on the block, Gestalt, from the University of Florida, clenched a first place victory and a spot at the ICCA South Semifinal on March 11th! Scoring 379 points, their first place win was accompanied by awards for Brittany Russell's solo on "Lionsong," as well as Lizzie Frankenthal's choreography for the entire set. Joining Gestalt at semifinals, University of Miami's BisCaydence scored 372 points, securing their second place finish. Coming in third place with 361 points, the University of Central Florida's Voicebox took home an award for #TVCFam Harrison Acosta's unique, quartet-lead arrangement of "Lost Boy," by Ruth B. Andrew Dashiell of No Southern Accent also won an Outstanding Award for his Vocal Percussion for the entire set.

Here are your competitors for the ICCA South Semifinal at the Morton Theatre in Athens, GA on March 11th!


South Semifinal Bracket

The Beltones | Belmont University
Enharmonix | Appalachian State University
Gemini Blvd. | University of Central Florida
The Acaphiliacs | Florida State University
No Ceiling | College of William & Mary
Acappology | North Carolina State University
Sympathetic Vibrations | Georgia Tech
Noteworthy | University of Georgia
Gestalt | University of Florida
BisCaydence | University of Miami

Mid-Atlantic - Quarterfinal #5

2014 ICCA Finalists Vocal Point are back with a vengeance, and we couldn't be more proud! The University of Delaware group brought down the house with their captivating 405-point, first place set! They will be moving on to semifinals with an award under their belt for Sarah Bajohr, Dylan Dramis, Daniel McGinley, and Denise Natoli's choreography for the entire set! Joining Vocal Point at semifinals, the Towson Trills snagged second place and a spot at semifinals, earning a whopping 394 points! The JHU Vocal Chords won third place for the evening, earning 323 points and winning the outstanding arrangement award for Nick Uebele's entire set. Last, but certainly not least, the UMBC Mama’s Boys made mama proud with their special awards for Goureesh Paranjpe's VP for the whole set, and Manuel Ayala Sapelli's solo for "Million Years."

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal at The Playhouse on Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE on March 25th!


Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Bracket 

Supernovas | Villanova University
Under A Rest | West Chester University
PandemoniUM | University of Maryland
The GW Vibes | George Washington University
Superfood | Georgetown University
Rowan Vocals (RoVo) | Rowan University
The Melismatics | Lehigh University
Sigma’cappella | Hofstra University
Vocal Point | University of Delaware
The Trills | Towson University

Central - Quarterfinal #4

We've still got one more Central quarterfinal to go, but for now, let's talk about what's going on over at SUNY Potsdam! The Potsdam Pitches will be advancing to the semifinal round, having won first place for the evening with 382 points and awards for Mike Worshoufsky's stellar arrangement for "Animal," and Sam Conti and Brittany DeLuca's solos for the song as well! Right behind them, the University of Waterloo's Water Boys scored 360 points and earned a special award for Koby Pathmanathar's amazing vocal percussion for the entire set! Lastly, SUNY Postdam's Pointercounts took home third place, with 331 points and an award for Connor Atkinson and Eric Volaski's choreography for "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough."


Central Semifinal Bracket (so far)

The Coda Conduct | Penn State University
Vocal Point | University of Rochester
Carmony | The Ohio State University at Lima
The Buffalo Chips | University at Buffalo
IC Voicestream | Ithaca College
Pittch Please | University of Pittsburgh
The Potsdam Pitches | SUNY Potsdam
The Water Boys | University of Waterloo

Northwest - Quarterfinal #3

 The third quarterfinal of the Northwest region ended nicely for the University of Washington's Furmata A Cappella! The group won first place with a huge 433 points and awards for Andrew Lee's solo for "Dangerously/High Road," as well as his choreography for the entire set! Advancing to semifinals with them, the University of Puget Sound's Underground Sound earned second place, with 370 points and special awards for Polina Davydov's arrangement of "Creep," and Anand Landon's VP for the entire set! CWU's Nada Cantata secured the third place finish for the night, earning 366 points for their set, just four behind Underground Sound! Lastly, Rizelle Rosales of HERmonic was awarded for her solo for "Back to Black."

Northwest - Quarterfinal #4

At the Fox Theatre in northern California, the University of California - Davis Liquid Hotplates will we advancing to the semifinal round later this month! Their 432 point set earned them first place and a special award for Maddy Dufek and Calvin Htet's solos for "Sex and Candy." Joining them at semis, the Stanford Mendicants will be returning for a shot at ICCA glory, taking home second place for the evening. Their 399 point set earned them some special awards for Alexander Ronneburg's arrangement for "Control," as well as Trey Hale's choreography for the entire set! The University of California, Santa Cruz's Acquire took home third place that night, scoring 316 points. Lastly, Shihao Guo of Berkeley Chinese A Cappella won an award for the best vocal percussion of the night!

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Northwest Semifinal at the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, OR on March 25th!

Northwest Semifinal Bracket

Mind the Gap | University of Oregon
Outspoken | Oregon State University
VoiceLine | Utah Valley University
Infrared | University of Utah
Furmata A Cappella | University of Washington
Underground Sound | University of Puget Sound
The Liquid Hotplates | University of California – Davis
Stanford Mendicants | Stanford University


Great Lakes - Quarterfinal #3

The final Great Lakes quarterfinal at Centerville High School saw six groups vying for three spots at the ICHSA semifinal. The Miami Valley School's Ars Nova earned 415 points for their first place set, taking home an award for their choreo - for the whole set, as well as Yash Gupta's VP for the entire set! They will be joined by Winton Woods' Evolution, who took second place and 354 points. Evolution was awarded for Alexis Weihe's solo for "In My Mind." New Riegel Schools' Jacket Company will be the last Great Lakes semifinal competitor this season, earning 296 points for their third place set. The judges also wanted to award Larkin Gillespie of the Trebels for her solo for "This Is Gospel," a Panic! At The Disco favorite.

Here are your competitors for the ICHSA Great Lakes Semifinal at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green, OH on March 18th!

Great Lakes Semifinal Bracket

Major VI | Novi High School (Novi, MI)
Skyline Blues | Skyline High School (Ann Arbor, MI)
Detroit Voice | Clarkston High School (Clarkston, MI)
Vega | Chaminade Julienne Catholic HS (Dayton, OH)
Free Verse | Central Catholic/Oakland Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA)
Gold Rush | Cleveland Heights High School (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Ars Nova | The Miami Valley School (Dayton, OH)
Evolution | Winton Woods (Cincinnati, OH)
Jacket Company | New Riegel Schools (New Riegel, OH)

South - Quarterfinal #3

The last ICHSA South Quarterfinal in at Norcross High School in Georgia will see Fifth Measure, Dolce Bella, and Harmony Hype advancing to the semifinal competition in Winter Park, FL! Houston High School's Fifth Measure and Dolce Bella took the top two slots, earning 409 and 360 points, respectively. Sarah Dillon of Fifth Measure was commended for her outstanding solo for "Barton Hollow." Harmony High School's Harmony Hype will also be moving on to semis, earning 304 points and earning an award for Jonathan Prieto's VP for the entire set!

Here are your competitors for the ICHSA South Semifinal at Winter Park High School in Winter Park, FL on March 25th!

South Semifinal Bracket

In Tone Nation | New Manchester High School (Douglasville, GA)
Tonal Spectrum | Crest High School (Shelby, NC)
Syncopate | RJ Reynolds (Winston-Salem, NC)
TAG - The A Cappella Group | Cypress Lake Center for the Arts (Fort Myers, FL)
Acapocalypse | Pine Ridge High School (Deltona, FL)
After School Specials | Palm Harbor University High School (Palm Harbor, FL)
Fifth Measure | Houston High School (Germantown, TN)
Dolce Bella | Houston High School (Germantown, TN)
Harmony Hype | Harmony High School (Harmony, FL)

Southwest - Quarterfinal #2

The second quarterfinal of the Southwest region had a mere FOUR groups competing that night, with three of the four advancing to semifinals! With a 75% chance of advancing to the next round, Air Academy High School's Out of the Blue took home first place, with 354 points and an award for Lilly Briton and Josh Taniguchi's choreography for the entire set. Hinkley High's own T-Bird Singers earned the second spot at semis, with 298 points. Montrose High School's Red Valley Harmony just clenched the third slot at semis, earning 282 points and an award for Keli Drye's VP for the whole set. Not to be left empty handed however, Gila Ridge High School's In Tone Nation won an award for Madeline Hayes' solo for "Dear Future Husband."

Southwest Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

Madison Avenue | Madison High School (San Antonio, TX)
Apex | Deer Park High School (Deer Park, TX)
A-side | A&M Consolidated High School (College Station, TX)
Out of the Blue | Air Academy High School (USAF Academy, CO)
T-Bird Singers | Hinkley High School (Aurora, CO)
Red Valley Harmony | Montrose High School (Montrose, CO)
In Tone Nation | Gila Ridge High School (Yuma, AZ)

What a weekend! Stay tuned for next week's 2017 ICCA and ICHSA Aca-Wrap Up.

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