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Aca-Wrap Up: ICCA and ICHSA Week #5

Posted by Max Kuchenreuther on Feb 22, 2017 8:06:56 PM
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We're back for another installation of our weekly Varsity Vocals Aca-Wrap Up series! This week, we're looking at NINE different quarterfinals across the country. Semifinal rounds are within reach!

Here's your wrap up for the February 17th - 19th ICCA and ICHSA Quarterfinals.


Central - Quarterfinal #3

Kicking off our wrap-up at Ithaca High School, Ithaca College's own IC Voicestream cleaned up the competition, taking home a first place victory and 369 points! Not too far behind IC Voicestream, University of Pittsburgh's Pittch Please, clenched a second place finish and a slot at semifinals, with 327 points, aided by Maurice Goodwin and Danny Mayhak's killer vocals on "Trainwreck." Toronto's TBA. Tunes. Beats. Awesome. made a bold statement that night - despite not moving on in the competition, their 294-point, third place finish left a huge impression on the judges. Minha Lee's work on TBA's auditory and visual performance left the group with the arrangement award for "The Skies Will Break," as well as the choreography award for the entire set. Last, but certainly not least, the judges awarded Dan Harari of the Otto Tunes for his impressive vocal percussion - for the entire set!

Central Semifinal Bracket (so far)

The Coda Conduct | Penn State University
Vocal Point | University of Rochester
Carmony | The Ohio State University at Lima
The Buffalo Chips | University at Buffalo
IC Voicestream | Ithaca College
Pittch Please | University of Pittsburgh

Northeast - Quarterfinal #3

Back at the Berklee College of Music, #TVCFam Upper Structure took home the gold! Their 371-point set sends them straight to this year's Northeast semifinal, as well as earning them special awards for Samuel Dantowitz's solo for "She Used To Be Mine," as well as an award for Sarah Zorilla's vocal percussion for the entire set! Way to go guys! Joining them at semifinals, along with their NU friends, the Nor'easters and Distilled Harmony, The Downbeats sealed in a second place finish, with 348 points and special awards for their choreography - for the entire set, and Charles Zheng and Nate Harms' arrangements, also for the whole set! Nice job Downbeats! Closing out the standings, the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones earned third place, with 332 points! Niya Avery's solo also stood out really well with the judges, earning her an outstanding soloist award for "Save My Soul." And showing the Northeast that Northeastern U groups are not to be messed with, Kellyanne Caccavale of Treble on Huntington took home an outstanding vocal percussion award for the entire set.


Northeast - Quarterfinal #4

While Berklee's quarterfinal was underway, the NYU N’Harmonics were bringing down the house at the New York Society for Ethical Culture! The N'Harmonics' first-place set earned a staggering 409 points, along with the outstanding awards for Brett Castro and Lilly Lester's choreography and Castro's arrangements, both for the entire set! Coming in hot with 342 points, Fordham University's Hot Notes will be returning to the ICCA stage in March for semifinals! Nice job! In third place, the Macaulay Honors College Triplets earned 297 points, as well as an award for Natalynn Nunez's solo for "Keep Lying." Additionally, Cory Hecht of Tizmoret took home the award for having the best VP of the night - for the entire set!

Northeast Semifinal Bracket (so far)

The Nor’easters | Northeastern University
The Harvard LowKeys | Harvard University
Distilled Harmony | Northeastern University
The Notables | University of New Hampshire
Upper Structure | Berklee College of Music
The Downbeats | Northeastern University
NYU N’Harmonics | New York University
The Hot Notes | Fordham University

Great Lakes - Quarterfinal #5

With a name like Euphoria, it's no wonder why they took home first place at their quarterfinal! The Grand Valley State group earned 402 points and locked in special awards for their choreography - for the whole set, done by Jack Phillipson, as well as Austin Schippers' arrangement of Ariana Grande's "Honeymoon Avenue." Only twelve points behind Euphoria, Michigan State Ladies First earned a whopping 390 points, and the outstanding award for Rachel Rayl's solo on "Wonder Woman." Go check out their CARA-nominated album, Run This Show! Michigan State's State of Fifths took home third place that night, earning 330 points. Lastly, U of Michigan's Sopranos took home the arrangement award for Annie Griffin's entire set!

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Great Lakes Semifinal on March 4th at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago!

Great Lakes Semifinal Bracket

Gold Vibrations | Oakland University
No Comment | University of Illinois
Maize Mirchi | University of Michigan
Amazin’ Blue | University of Michigan
Voices in Your Head | University of Chicago
7 Days | University of Minnesota
Fundamentally Sound | University of Wisconsin
Harmelodics | Northern Illinois University
Euphoria | Grand Valley State University
Ladies First | Michigan State University

Southwest - Quarterfinal #5

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the saying rings true here as well! Texas Christian University's Horned Tones scored a gigantic 428 points, dominating the competition and taking first place. The judges were also impressed with the Horned Tones' choreography and vocal percussion, awarding Jackson Grosskopf and Nick Ruiz both for the entire set, respectively. TCU will have two groups going to semis though, with License to Trill also advancing, taking second place and 398 points. Katlin Hess of License to Trill also wowed the judges that night, earning the outstanding solo award for "Don't Let Me Down." Finally, Northern Arizona University's Unaccompanied finished in third place, with a 337 point set and an award for MaryAnne Muglia's arrangement of "Back Pocket."

Here are your competitors for the ICCA Southwest Semifinal on March 11th at the University of California, Los Angeles in Royce Hall!

Southwest Semifinal Bracket 

VirtuOSO | Baylor University
HardChord DynaMix | Texas A&M University
The Axecidentals | Northern Arizona University
The Highlanders | Northern Arizona University
The ChapTones | Chapman University
Fermata Nowhere | Mt San Antonio College
ScatterTones | University of California, Los Angeles
Resonance | University of California, Los Angeles
The Horned Tones | Texas Christian University
License to Trill | Texas Christian University

United Kingdom - Quarterfinal #3

The final quarterfinal of the UK region ended in a rousing victory for Durham University's Northern Lights! The Northern Lights finished with a 378 point set and the only two outstanding awards for the night - one for Rachel Dungate's solo on the classic Sia song, "Bird Set Free," and Yuki Matsumoto's vocal percussion for the entire set. Joining the Northern Lights at semifinals will be the University of St. Andrews' Accidentals and the University of Aberdeen's Aberpella. The groups placed second and third, respectively, with 356 and 329 points.

Here are your competitors for the ICCA United Kingdom Semifinal at the New Wimbledon Theatre on March 25th! 

United Kingdom Semifinal Bracket

The Rolling Tones | Kings College, London
Cadenza | University of Cambridge
The Bristol Suspensions | University of Bristol
Illuminations | University of Exeter
Aquapella | University of Bath
Northern Lights | Durham University
The Accidentals | The University of St Andrews
Aberpella | University of Aberdeen



Midwest - Quarterfinal #3

The third quarterfinal of the Midwest region finished with a victory for Warrenton High School's Pitch The Keys, earning them 340 points and a coveted spot at semifinals! Trent Lovall of Pitch The Keys was awarded an award for his excellent VP on "River." Jefferson City High School's Tonal Uproar definitely made some noise that night as well, placing second with 312 points and an outstanding choreography award for Taylor Horn and Haylee Backues' work, also on "River." They will be advancing to semifinals next week with Pitch The Keys for a spot at Finals! Parkway North High School's Relentless definitely put up a fight, earning 300 points and third place, and were also commended for Jordyn Patterson's solo on the popular Andra Day song, "Rise Up." Last but not least, Anna Lubienski of VHS was awarded for her impressive mashup of the Chainsmokers song, "Don't Let Me Down" and Major Lazer and DJ Snake's, "Lean On."

Midwest - Quarterfinal #4

The final Midwest quarterfinal of the high school circuit resulted in last year's Wild Card Champions, Enharmonic Fusion, taking home the ICHSA gold! They earned 431 points and an award for Grace Klonoski's solo on "The Light That Never Fails." Advancing to semifinals with them and cleaning up the rest of the special awards, Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School's Vocal Point took second with 407 points and awards for Mackenzie Mahlurn's solo on "Stone Cold," Ethan Giles' VP for the entire set, and Alanna Peters' choreography for "Renegade." Loyola Academy's Nothin' But Treble closed out third place with 302 points.

Here are your competitors for the ICHSA Midwest Semifinal on March 3rd at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago!


Midwest Semifinal Bracket

Echo Effect | Niles West High School (Skokie, IL)
High Fidelity | Niles West High School (Skokie, IL)
Delta V | South Milwaukee High School (South Milwaukee, WI)
SoundProof | Overland Park Area Schools (Overland Park, KS)
Pitch the Keys | Warrenton High School (Warrenton, MO)
Tonal Uproar | Jefferson City High School (Jefferson City, MO)
Enharmonic Fusion | DeKalb High School (DeKalb, IL)
Vocal Point | Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School (Galesville, WI)

Southwest - Quarterfinal #1

The first quarterfinal of the Southwest region kicked off in the middle of the season at MacArthur High School in San Antonio, TX! More importantly, the top three groups all landed within THREE points of each other! Madison High's Madison Avenue placed first, with 371 points, and an award commending Kollynn Tucker's choreography for "The Little Things." At 370 points, Deer Park High School's Apex came in second place, and will be joining Madison Avenue at semis! A&M Consolidated High School's A-side closed out the standings, with 368 points and awards for Kylie Shipp's solo on "Valerie," and Kasha Luann's vocal percussion for the whole set! Additionally, Bryan High School's Vocal Legacy also showed off some great VP too, earning Graham Littlefield an award as well.

Southwest Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

Madison Avenue | Madison High School (San Antonio, TX)
Apex | Deer Park High School (Deer Park, TX)
A-side | A&M Consolidated High School (College Station, TX)

We're halfway through the 2017 season! Stay tuned for next week's 2017 ICCA and ICHSA Aca-Wrap Up.

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