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Aca-Wrap Up: ICCA and ICHSA Week #2

Posted by AJ Marino on Feb 2, 2017 7:26:50 PM

We're back for the second installment of The Vocal Company's Facts Only Varisty Vocals Aca Wrap Up. This past weekend saw 7 new events across ICCA and ICHSA, and we're here to give you the inside scoop on what went down. 

Here's your wrap up for the January 27th and 28th ICCA and ICHSA Quarterfinals. 


Great Lakes - Quarterfinal #2

Up at Skyline High School in Michigan, the Great Lakes region hosted their second quarterfinal of the season. Lots of big names from last season pervaded the event, but the top 3 came in as a University of Michigan sweep. Maize Mirchi, the powerhouse South Asian inspired a cappella group pictured above, came in first place with a 346 point set. Coming off of a strong showing last year, Maize Mirchi earned their title due in no small part to Lalitha Ramaswany's outstanding choreography, for which they earned a speciality award.  Fellow UMich group, Amazin' Blue, took home second place with their 337 point set. In a semi-rare turn of events, no two speciality awards went to the same group - Joe Santamaria of the Bronchords was noted for his outstanding solo on "All My Loving," while Mira Shane of 58 Greene took home the title of Best Vocal Percussion on their cover of "Resolution." Regular ICCA Finals and recent BOSS competitors, the G-Men, took home third, earning a nod for Marty Gray's arrangement of the Killer's classic, "Mr. Brightside." 

Great Lakes Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

Gold Vibrations (Oakland University)  
No Comment (Univeristy of Illinois) 
Maize Mirchi (University of Michigan) 
Amazin' Blue (University of Michigan)

Mid-Atlantic - Quarterfinal #1 

The Mid-Atlantic region kicked off their season with a quarterfinal in Philadelphia, hosted at Drexel University. Of all the groups that vied for the title, there were four standouts. Soulfege from Lafayatte College, noted for their outstanding Vocal Percussionist Kam Hardy, came out with third place and a score of 296 points. Bri Decerio's outstanding choreography and Spencer Camacho's arrangement of "Creep" helped earn Under A Rest from West Chester University second place, and a spot at semis. There were many strong soloists but Off The Record's Kevyn McConlogue work on a cappella classic "Bottom of the River" moved judges to name him the Best Soloist. A somewhat dark horse at this point in the night's judging announcements emerged, however, when the Villanova Supernovas took home the first place title with their 373 point set. Check out some videos from their Acapallooza show we did last year! 

Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Bracket (so far)

Supernovas (Villanova) 
Under A Rest (West Chester University) 

Northwest - Quarterfinal #1

In the new(ish) region of the Northwest, there were not one, but TWO quarterfinal events. The first took place Oregon, in what quickly became a battle between Oregon State and the University of Oregon.  At the end of the night, University of Oregon's Mind the Gap took home the top prize, earning first place with their high-earning, 414 point set.  Much credit for that is due to Macy Hyland, noted for her rocking "In the Name of Love" solo and outstanding set choreography.  Outspoken from Oregon State walked away from the night with a second place finish and a win for Justin Hartenberger's awesome Vocal Percussion. Jake Yoakam's stunning arrangements helped George Fox's Quakers & Notes take home a third place title. 

11222626_10154081376614402_6653621881897520017_n.jpgPhoto credit: VoiceJam

Northwest - Quarterfinal #2

Meanwhile, in Utah, the second Northwest Quarterfinal was also in full swing. Holding a homefield advantage seemed to play well for the night's champion, as VoiceLine from Utah Valley University earned 361 points for their first place set, as well as a specialty award for Brian Shepherd's Vocal Percussion. University of Utah Infared stunned judges with Waitress the Musical/Sara Bareilles power ballad "She Used to Be Mine," brought to life by member Becca Clark. The performance helped push the group to semifinals, as they earned a second place, 335 point finish. It wasn't the only song that impressed - the entire set of arrangements from third place champions, University of Colorado In The Bluff, earned member Max Messenger Bouricivs praise.  Rounding out the awards, Beyond Measure from a cappella hub BYU were noted for their outstanding Choreography by leading member Eric Corpuz. 

Northwest Semifinal Bracket (so far)

Mind The Gap (University of Oregon)
Outspoken (Oregon State University) 
VoiceLine (Utah Valley University) 
Infared (University of Utah)


Great Lakes

Skyline High School hosted two events this weekend, including the first ICHSA Quarterfinal in the region this year. Maintaing a major lead (pun only half intended) was Major VI from Novi High School, who came in first place with a resounding 384 point set. Skyline Blues, from host school Skyline High School, came in second place with 293 points, followed more closely by Wapkoneta High School's Midweek who earned third place, as well as Best Soloist with a musical theatre tribute, "I Dreamed a Dream." Other stand outs from the night were the Detroit Voice, who earned nods for Katie Leithauser's Vocal Percussion on "Chain of Fools" and Madelyn Kopsch's arrangement of "Sweet Disguise." Best Choreography, on the other hand, went to the Unaccompanied Minors' thanks to Gabrielle Hooper.  

Great Lakes Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

Major VI (Novi High School)
Skyline Blues (Skyline High School)
Midweek (Wapkoneta High School) 

Northeast - Quarterfinal #1

Many people think of New England when they hear Northeast, but the first ICHSA of this region was actually hosted in New York State! It was a narrow contest between these talented high school groups, but ultimately the first place title went to WAVE from Wellsville, NY, earning 319 points. Thanks to some outstanding choreography, For Good Measure from Mohonasen High School came in a close second with their 307 point set. All the way from Massachussetts, Lincoln-Sudbury's Accent came in third, with memorable moments from their set including Lauren Weintraub's solo on "Ghost" and Brian Lynch's Vocal Percussion for the entire set. Judges were also left with a strong impression from one song of South Glens Falls' Vocal Point's set - "This is Gospel." Their rendition earned them accolades for Marlies Amberger's arrangement, and Brandon Sarti's amazing solo stylings. 

Northeast Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

WAVE (Wellsville Central School District)
For Good Measure (Mohonasen High School)

Northwest - Semifinal


In some newer ICHSA regions, sometimes it's easier to go straight to the semifinal! This year the Northwest is home to the first ICHSA semifinal of 2017, which was hosted in Oregon.  In what ended up being a clear standout performance, Synergy, created from members of the Oregon Children's Choir, came in first place with their 442 point performance. They will officially be vying for the title of ICHSA champions later this Spring! Be sure to look out for songs like "River," with highlights like Arielle Ward's powerful solo and Kyra Siegel's impressive Vocal Percussion. Arielle Ward showed she had multiple talents in this set, taking home an award for best arrangement with the always moving Gaga track, "Til It Happens To You." Soul'd Out from Wilsonville High School came in second with a great performance, thanks to siblings Hayden and Joseph Wilde's Choreography and Vocal Percussion.  Fellow Oregon Children's Choir Group, Some Cool Guys, came in third place with a 337 point set. 

Stay tuned for next week's 2017 ICCA and ICHSA Aca-Wrap Up!

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