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Aca-Wrap Up: ICCA and ICHSA

Posted by AJ Marino on Jan 23, 2017 6:55:28 PM

The 2017 Varsity Vocals season is in full swing, but we know it can be hard to keep track of all the awesomeness going on in every region. Whether you're making an ICCA bracket or competing for the first time in ICHSA, we want to help you stay in the loop! Every Monday, we're going to give you a facts-only wrap up of the weekend's events so you can follow along as the groups make the journey to New York City!

Here's your wrap up for the January 14th and January 21st ICCA and ICHSA Quarterfinals. 

ICCA - The Collegiate Circuit 


The South had not one, but TWO ICCA quarterfinals this past Saturday - one down in the aca-packed state of Florida, and one a bit farther north at the University of Tennessee. In Florida, groups both new and old took to the stage to vie for the title. In the end, seniority won the day. Despite only singing two songs, Gemini Blvd, the oldest UCF co-ed group took first place, with Lily Shultz taking home specialities for Best Arrangement and Solo with her emotional rendition of Demi Lovato's Father. They also performed Chandelier which we loved getting to see in their masterclass pre-Sojam!

With a set done by alum and TVC producer Jacob Tourjeman, the co-ed group Acaphiliacs fought for another spot at semis after taking a Semi-Final hiatus to participate in VoiceJam last year. They earned second place with a score of 398, with beatboxer Greg Moyer earning best Vocal Percussion! 

With some counseling from TVC intern Harrison Acosta, second timers Mixed Mode showed that new groups are not to be ignored - the newest group at UCF came in 3rd place, nabbing a nod for Caitlin Schlict and Kyle Borden's choreography and a score of 377. 

Up in Tennessee, South heavyhitters The Beltones earned another first place award with their 400 point set, thanks in no small part to their Choreography, done by Mikaela Clark and Bryce Sherlow. App State's Enharmonix came in second, being commended for their Parting Glass/Barton Hollow Best Arrangement by Alana Hughes. Another group of newbies and ICCA second timers, University of Tennessee VOLT rounded out the winners by taking third place, and Best Vocal Percussion thanks to the stylings of Evan Price. 

South Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

Gemini Blvd (UCF) 
Acaphiliacs (FSU) 
The Beltones (Belmont) 
Enharmonix (Appalachian State) 

Great Lakes 

Up in Chicago, some of the biggest names in the region competed for a spot at semi-finals. 2016 Semifinals champions Gold Vibrations proved they are here to stay. (No surprise there, it's all Chris Brody could talk about at Next Level!) Their 443 point set won member Brian Baylor three specialty awards, including Best Solo, Best Vocal Percussion, and Best Arrangement for his mash-up of Freedom and Bottom of the River. 

Sing It On alums No Comment came in second place, giving them a spot at semi-finals with their 377 point set. The Undertones out of Northwestern came in third place at 319 points, while Anthony Kim and Robert Knier of the Chicago all-male group The Xtension Chords earned Best Choreography for their entire set.

Great Lakes Semifinal Bracket (so far)

Gold Vibrations (Oakland University) 
No Comment (University of Illinois) 


In the new(ish) region of the Southwest, 10 groups competed for the top prize at Texas A&M, with a narrow battle between first and second between former Finals contendors Baylor VirtuOSO and the group with homefield advantage, HardChord DynaMix. In the end, VirtuOSO showed that a new region doesn't hold them back, and took home first place with a 416 point set. This was due in no small part to JP Williams and Jenna Davies' arrangement of In The Name of Love, supplemented by Logan Willson's Vocal Percussion. HardChord DynaMix's 388 point set was noticed for the powerful solo of Benjamin Ikwuagwu on Drowning Shadows, and Madison Saculla and Reid Aker's choreography of the entire set. UT Austin all-male group, the Texas Songhorns, took home third place, earning 334 points.

Southwest Semifinal Bracket (so far)

Baylor VirtuOSO (Baylor) 
HardChord DynaMix (Texas A&M)

United Kingdom

Across the pond in the UK, the season was kicked off in London (we got updates from our resident Swingle and Director of Arranging, Jon Smith). All-female group The Rolling Tones out of Kings College swept the event, earning first place at 420 points, Best Solo, Best Arrangement AND Best Choreography - be sure to watch for Sara Edwards' version of Sleepless Child at Semifinals. University of Cambridge Cadenza came in second with 339 points, and The Scopes from the Imperial College came in third at 313. 

United Kingdom Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

The Rolling Tones (Kings College)
Cadenza (University of Cambridge)

ICHSA - The High School Bracket


The first south quarterfinal actually happened last weekend, on January 14th - we got our updates from Jill Clark who ran sound! First timers and all around new group In Tone Nation, led by Trey Giddens, took home first place, Best Soloist, Best Arrangement, and Best Choreography. Crest High School's Tonal Spectrum came in second at 349 points, also earning Best Vocal Percussion for their entire set. Rounding out the event, homefield RJ Reynolds Syncopate came in third place with 330 points.

South Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

In Tone Nation (New Manchester High School)
Tonal Spectrum (Crest High School)
Syncopate (RJ Reynolds High School)


There have been two mid-atlantic ICHSA quarterfinals so far, both taking place in New Jersey. Quarterfinal #1 on January 14th was dominated by ICHSA pros, Stay Tuned and Soulfege. Cherry Hill High's Stay Tuned earned first place with their 434 point set. Freedom singer Ashley Cooper earned Best Soloist, and Jeffrey Wang worked his way into Best Vocal Percussion on Pray You Catch Me. Soulfege placed second, commanding attention for their entire set with Luke Wroblewski's arrangements and trio Emma Hetherington Jessica Stier, and Matthew Green's choreography. Marcus Thompson's new group, Sirens, earned third place at the competition. Tickled Pink also took home an award for Sreeni Viswanathan's solo, Damaged. 

This past weekend, over at Northern Highlands Regional, hometown heros Highlands Voices earned yet another first place title, closing their set with a new Jon Smith arrangement. Their male-female duo Madison Delapenha and Connor Strycharz also took home Best Vocal Percussion for the entire set.  LumeNAtion from Newark Academy came in second with 390 points, while Vestal High School's Bear Necessities earned third, as well as awards for Allison Hanafin's Make It Holy solo and Shaniya Morrison's Choreography. 

Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Bracket (so far) 

Highlands Voices (Northern Highlands Regional High School)
Stay Tuned (Cherry Hill East High School)
Soulfege (Millburn High School)
LumeNAtion (Newark Academy)

Stay tuned for next week's 2017 ICCA and ICHSA Aca-Wrap Up!

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